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Bad Credit Car Loans


We provide bad credit car loans throughout Sydney and beyond.


If you have had issues in the past and a default or judgement has been listed on your credit file, it does not mean that you would not be in the position to get a car loan.


If you can show that you have improved your situation, there may still be options to help you get into a new car. It just means that you will incur a higher interest rate based on your current situation taking into consideration your previous credit history.


Generally, these Bad Credit Car Loan lenders will not credit score your application but take in to consideration whether you are able to conduct your own finances in a way that the lender would feel comfortable lending to you. They will usually determine this from reviewing your bank statements to see if you have had any overdrawn amounts on any of your accounts, meaning your bank account has been put into a negative position, or any direct debit dishonours.


The lender will also review your credit file, and questions any enquiries you have made. These Lenders particularly look for ‘payday lender’ enquiries which raises concerns for motor financiers as their argument is that if the client cannot afford to live off their wages and needs to go to these type of lenders, they may be struggling to live off their normal income, so how can you afford the car loan repayment.


Dependent on the severity of the adversity on your credit file, you may still qualify to achieve approval from a prime lender, meaning that you may not be required to pay substantially higher on your interest rate as what is a common condition with bad credit car loan.


The best option in regards to Bad Credit Car loans will be to contact our office and speak with the experts as we know every lender’s guidelines in detail and can help in structuring the application for a successful response once submitted.


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