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Bad Credit Home Loans

Bad Credit Home Loans is a mortgage which is designed to assist borrowers with poor Credit History to purchase or refinance a home. 


Generally, Bad Credit Home Loans would be an option for applicants who relate to some of the following:

CROSS.jpg - small Missed payments on your existing Home Loan

CROSS.jpg - small If you have defaults, judgments, multiple Credit enquiries

CROSS.jpg - small Entered into a Part IX Debtor Agreement or Full Bankruptcy

The idea behind Bad Credit Home Loans is to provide our clients with the funding they require today, then establish a plan of action for the next 24 months with the intention of transferring their loan to a prime lender at a lower interest rate. 


For Bad Credit Home Loans, Credit Reform has access to over 15 Non-Conforming lenders that can help our clients get approvals for a Home Loan.


Lender products that are available for Bad Credit Home Loan applicants are as follows:

  • Home Loans with Multiple Credit Enquiries
  • Refinancing with Home Loan arrears
  • Purchasing with Defaults, Judgments, Bankruptcy
  • Equity Release / Cash Outs with Defaults, Judgments
  • Refinancing and Equity Release with Credit Issues
  • Vacant Land Purchase with Credit Issues
  • Land and Home Construction

With Bad Credit Home Loans, Interest Rates offered from a lender will be determined by the following:

  • Level of Credit Issues on your Credit File
  • LVR (Loan to Value Ratio) LVR is determined by the amount of deposit offered to the purchase
  • Conduct on all existing banking statements
  • Conduct on existing Home Loan statements

We would also recommend the client engage Credit Reform for Credit File Repair. This could be an option prior to the lodgement of an application. 



Learn more about CREDIT FILE REPAIR


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