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Car/Personal Loans

A Car Loan is a personal finance product where the lender provides the customer the funds to purchase a vehicle and secures the loan against the vehicle. The car loan is also known as a consumer loan or a secured car loan. 


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With a Car Loan the customer takes ownership of the vehicle at the time of purchase and once the contract has been paid in full the lender removes his interests on the vehicle giving the customer a clear title. 


Companies, sole-traders and partnerships looking for a business car loan have a range of packages available.


Businesses should consider the following before choosing the next car loan option:

Tick2.jpg - smallBusiness Structure

Tick2.jpg - smallCash flow requirements

Tick2.jpg - smallGST Registration

Tick2.jpg - smallATO Considerations

There are a variety of Car Loan packages available to Individuals.

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Our Personal Loan Team have access to over 12 lenders ranging from clean credit personal lean lenders to Bad Credit Personal Loan lenders.


Contact our Clean Credit or Bad Credit Personal Loan team to discuss your request in more detail


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