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Credit File Repair -  Credit Repair

Need your Credit File ASAP?!

Our Credit File service will only cost you from $24.95*  
Credit Repair refers to the process of correcting ones Credit File by the removal / Credit Repairing of disputable / contestable listings such as:
  • Defaults 
  • Serious Credit Infringements 
  • Multiple Credit Enquiries 
  • Court Judgments
  • Clear Outs 
  • Court Writs 
  • Crossed or linked files

We at Credit Reform recommend Credit Repair before you submit any application for such beneficial reasons as:

  • Lower Interest Rates
  • Cheaper Loan Repayments
  • Improved Loan Application Success
  • Reduced Lender's Fees
  • More MONEY in YOUR Pocket!



Credit Repair involves investigating your account/s that became outstanding which then resulted in the Credit Provider to then list a default/judgment etc on your credit file


Our Credit Repair team will engage the Credit Provider on your behalf to confirm they followed process according the Privacy Act, NCCP Legislation. 


If the Credit Repair team discover did not follow protocol the listing can now be contested. 


The Credit Repair process is as follows:

  • consultant assess clients Credit File 
  • consultant contacts client to obtain a detailed explanation surrounding the listings 
  • consultant then prepares dispute to appropriate Creditors
  • consultant will follow up dispute and request response as soon as possible
  • Once response is received the credit repair consultant will then review
  • consultant will contact client to evaluate response


As stated before, Our Credit File services will only cost you from $24.95*


* per credit file per customer name